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To get a good picture of the virtual production studios and to map out the possibilities for your brand, it is important to have some knowledge about Unreal Engine. From design visualizations and cinematic experiences to high-performance games on PC, console, mobile, VR, and AR. Unreal Engine gives you everything you need to get started, develop and stand out from the crowd. Everything can be made with the Unreal Engine suite. From very realistic environments to planets that don’t come close to reality… Everything is possible within Unreal Engine and that’s what makes it so cool in our opinion!

A commercial in New York, a brand film in London, or a campaign in Paris? "


Unreal Engine is the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool. Anyone in Unreal Engine can design a (game) world for free. There are several tools to help you get started quickly, such as Epic Games Marketplace and Quixel Bridge. There are also endless online tutorials for both novice and advanced users.

In short, Unreal Engine offers you creative powers. In addition to developing complete video games, you can go wild with creating the most futuristic fantasy worlds to cinematic, lifelike virtual movie sets.

Unreal Engine x Gobsmacked


In five seconds … How cool is that! This has become possible using the link between virtual production studios and Unreal Engine. Since we as a creative agency make a lot of videos for our clients, we wanted to see one of these studios in person. We, therefore, visited ReadySetStudios in Amsterdam to get acquainted and to map out the possibilities for our customers.

Almost everything can be made in a virtual production studio, which is a fantastic advantage in the video world. Although there aren’t many in the Netherlands yet, we don’t think this will last long! With the help of a Led-Wall, everything made in Unreal Engine can be displayed on it. As the camera moves, the virtual environment on the LED wall also changes perspective, using Unreal Engine technologies to navigate a virtual landscape.

Although many people may compare this to the ‘accessible way’, a green screen, a virtual production studio offers many advantages. This way an actor or actress can fully empathize with the scene. Instead of looking at a green screen, they see exactly what is going on around them. The realism of the reflection and lighting is also a major advantage compared to production for a green screen…

The ability to change your setting in real-time allows a director or cameraman to see the final composition immediately. This allows him/her to see immediately when something is not right or is happening. This can be adjusted on the fly (in real-time) where necessary.

Finally, it is possible to film in places where it is normally not possible to film, such as the House of Representatives, or any place in the world that is too far, too expensive, or inaccessible. With Unreal Engine and a virtual production studio, all these limitations are a thing of the past!


To give you a good idea of ​​what a virtual production studio means for your brand, we have listed several cool commercials (made in virtual production studios).

Mc Donalds..

Chances are you’ve seen this commercial before. You probably didn’t realize at the time that this was completed in a virtual production studio. In the making of this video, it is clear that shooting such a commercial in this studio brings so many advantages, such as the short time it has now taken to shoot this entire commercial.

Mc Donalds Studio


Have you ever seen a Philadelphia commercial? Then something must have stuck… The commercials of this brand often take place in heaven to the arrival of virtual production studios has become more accessible thanks to Unreal Engine a space has been created that can be used for any commercial.

Philiadelphia Studio

Do you already have one foot in New York? We think it won’t be long before brands make extensive use of this new production method. The possibilities are enormous! Were you inspired by this story? Are you already dreaming of the latest commercial of your brand, shot in a virtual production studio? We like to think along with you, so feel free to contact us below!

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