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6 Reasons to choose creation as a service and never look back.

Consistent Quality

Ensure every piece of content meets high standards, thanks to our expert team.


Easily adjust the volume of your content production to meet your brand's evolving needs.


Save time by outsourcing all your content needs to one reliable partner.

Industry Expertise

Benefit from our deep understanding of the industrial sector to create content that resonates.


Enjoy the cost benefits of a subscription model tailored to your budget.

Full-Service Solution

From ideation to distribution, we handle every aspect of content creation.

Creation as a Service

B2B marketers in manufacturing and industrial. We've built our agency around your challenges. Here’s why.

Unlock consistent, high-quality marketing for your industrial brand with Creation as a Service, ensuring you have on-demand access to expert creative marketing services that streamline your content production and amplify your ROI.

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Flexibility: match your production cycles

Have a high-demand month that requires all hands on deck for maximum brand exposure? Or perhaps a quieter month where you can afford to scale back? With Creation as a Service, your unused hours roll over, allowing you to flex your content strategy to align with your production cycles.

Shared project board: Real-time collaboration

Say goodbye to endless email threads and disconnected communication. Our shared project board offers a centralized platform for real-time collaboration. Track progress, make adjustments, and keep everyone in the loop, all in one place.

Strategic Foresight, Creative Partnership

Experience the assurance of regular, structured meetings with your dedicated project manager and creative director, serving as reliable touchpoints to keep you informed and ahead of the curve. This proactive collaboration allows us to anticipate your needs, align on upcoming initiatives, and offer strategic advice to navigate the complexities of the industrial market.

Creation As a Service

Unlock your partnership: where industrial brands elevate their game

The Foundation



For those companies that just need to put out content consistently.

Up to 20 hours per month
Titanium Trailblazer



For those who want to push harder and be more visible than others

Up to 60 hours per month
The Apex Industrial



Always visible with unique content on all platforms. Let’s get at it.

Up to 150 hours per month
“What Gobsmacked® do is make engineering ‘emotional’ – For decades companies in our sector have felt a restraint or convention on what they produce. What you have here is a agency that will push your envelope and you should listen to them.”
Simon Aspinal - Marketing Manager Services at Sulzer
“At N+P, we look at the world differently to see its potential, transforming waste into valuable applications. Gobsmacked applies the same perspective to our brand, uncovering hidden potential and turning it into valuable brand strategy and stunning visual content through their efficient and clear methods.”
Jonathan Lucas - CMO at N+P Group
"As a highly demanding customer who likes to stay in control, the team at Gobsmacked® assured us of their competencies and creative skills. Specifically with their first mind-blowing presentation of our full rebranding, which was spot-on. Your company’s brand identity is in strong and skilful hands with Gobsmacked®!"
Martijn Jansen - Co-founder at BAAS architecten
Creation As A Service

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