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Start at the beginning… That makes sense! However, we see that this is not yet the case with many brands. Before you can start thinking about the types of content and formats as a brand, it is important to have a foundation for the brand. You can do this by describing the identity of a brand. This includes the core values, target group(s), vision, tone of voice, and in our opinion, the sacredgolden circle’ from Simon Sinek. We think that the WHY of a brand often is what makes a brand unique and which can also be important for a brand’s social media.


Now that the internal part is ready, we can look at the external factors. Have you already mapped out exactly which target group(s) you want to address? If so, do you also know what this target group needs and on which channels this target group can be found? Do your research to get to know your target audience, in order to get answers to all these questions.

Consistency = key


Now we can start with the real work, you now know how your brand and its target group work. The actual social media strategy can now be written. You can determine the form of the strategy yourself. What should the brand radiate and what kind of content fits in with it, should be reflected in the strategy. How do you want to address the target audience? It is difficult to always come up with new content, so try to look at fun content formats. These formats ensure that you can go ahead for a long time on a certain format. Consistency = key!  Don’t be afraid, dare to think out of the box and work together with all the creative minds around you to eventually arrive at the most original strategy.


After putting everything on paper, it’s time to turn the content formats into actual content. Look for the best tools for this yourself, the entire internet is full of them, so make use of them. Be creative in the form of the content, so don’t just think about a photo, for example, content can come in all forms. A few examples are videos, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, time-lapses, or interactive content. Make sure you put the created content in a content calendar so that you can work ahead. By creating a content calendar, you also ensure that you keep an overview of when something needs to be posted. Do you want to make it easier on yourself? Look for handy tools where the content can be planned in advance.

After following these four steps, we think you can come a long way! Still, the fact remains that keeping up with your brand’s social media is no easy feat. There are many steps before it. Yet we dare to guarantee that all these steps are all worth it because the outcome will yield you much more!