Five game-changing reasons to uncover your brand's 'WHY’ today.

Strategic Focus

Cut through the noise and align your team with a clear, compelling purpose that drives every business decision.

Employee Alignment

Ignite passion and engagement among your team by connecting them to the bigger picture of what your brand stands for.

Stand Out

Differentiate your industrial brand in a saturated market by revealing the unique 'why' that sets you apart.

Resilient Vision

Equip your brand with the resilience to navigate market fluctuations and long-term challenges by anchoring it in a strong 'why'.

Magnetic Branding

Turn your 'why' into a magnetic force that attracts customers, partners, and talent who resonate with your brand's core purpose.

The Why Reveal

B2B marketers in manufacturing,
here’s your lighthouse in the storm.

The WHY Reveal:
our 4-step journey to uncover your industrial brand's core purpose. Let's decode your WHY, HOW, and WHAT.

Start today
Brain Crunch
Your ‘WHY’ revealed
the outcome

Your pocket-sized Bible for the road. Your guiding star, your shining light.

Research and brainstorm conclusions
Formulated WHY, HOW, WHAT statement
Branded mockup
Sleek, easy-to-share document

A process so swift it feels like magic. An ROI so high it can’t be measured.


Discover your brand's true purpose with our unique 4-step process.

2 weeks lead time
One fixed fee
“What Gobsmacked® do is make engineering ‘emotional’ – For decades companies in our sector have felt a restraint or convention on what they produce. What you have here is a agency that will push your envelope and you should listen to them.”
Simon Aspinal - Marketing Manager Services at Sulzer
“At N+P, we look at the world differently to see its potential, transforming waste into valuable applications. Gobsmacked applies the same perspective to our brand, uncovering hidden potential and turning it into valuable brand strategy and stunning visual content through their efficient and clear methods.”
Jonathan Lucas - CMO at N+P Group
"As a highly demanding customer who likes to stay in control, the team at Gobsmacked® assured us of their competencies and creative skills. Specifically with their first mind-blowing presentation of our full rebranding, which was spot-on. Your company’s brand identity is in strong and skilful hands with Gobsmacked®!"
Martijn Jansen - Co-founder at BAAS architecten
Creative concepting

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How long does The WHY Reveal process take?
What will I receive at the end of The WHY Reveal process?
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