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Yale Lift Truck Technologies

Redefining Yale Lift Truck Technologies' brand presence in Europe

At Gobsmacked® creative agency, we pride ourselves on our ability to build industrial brands that stand out and inspire curiosity for technology and innovation. We recently partnered with Hyster-Yale Group to transform the brand positioning of Yale Lift Truck Technologies in Europe and create a fresh global visual identity. Our involvement proved to be an integral part of the successful rebranding, as we incorporated a new strategy and applied it to the new brand, so that it sets Yale apart from its competitors in the saturated material handling market.

The question

Yale Lift Truck Technologies faced three main challenges:

- Repositioning their brand in the highly competitive and commoditised European lift truck market.

- Developing a cohesive global visual identity that reflects their new positioning and vision.

- Creating a strategy to launch the Yale Lift Truck Technologies rebranding.

The process
Research and Strategy

Gobsmacked® conducted extensive internal and external research, including analyzing the competitive landscape, to identify opportunities for repositioning Yale in the European market. This information guided the development of a new positioning that focused on Yale's strengths and leveraged creative communication and marketing as differentiators.

Global Visual Identity

Gobsmacked® refined the visual identity that Yale's US branch had already begun to develop, stripping it down to its essence and creating a minimal, technology-driven high-end look. We introduced specific colors like "Techno Black" and "Non-White," eliminated rounded corners, and incorporated arrows inspired by the new logo icon. To ensure cohesive implementation, we created extensive brand guidelines with usage instructions and creative examples.

Launch Strategy

To launch the rebranding across Yale's dealer network and internal audience, Gobsmacked® produced an elaborate film featuring a presenter who explained the new brand identity and direction. The film included an introduction message from the Hyster-Yale Group CEO and a sleek 3D animation revealing the brand new logo. Additional content, including social clips and imagery for ads, was captured during the shoot. For the public launch, a shorter version of the film combined the logo reveal animation with the presenter's highlights.

Our collaboration with Hyster-Yale Group led to several key outcomes:

- Successfully repositioned Yale Lift Truck Technologies in the European market, setting the brand apart from competitors in the material handling industry.

- Developed a modern, cohesive global visual identity that aligns with Yale's focus on innovation and technology.

- Executed a phased launch strategy that effectively introduced the rebranding to Yale's extensive dealer network and their target audience.

It was an honor to work alongside such a talented and dedicated team, and I'm proud to say that we achieved amazing results in a small timeframe.

Jeffrey Sistermans, Creative Director

Gobsmacked® creative agency's strategic partnership with Hyster-Yale Group played a vital role in the successful rebranding of Yale Lift Truck Technologies. Our comprehensive approach, from research and strategy to visual identity and launch, ensured a cohesive and impactful transformation that resonates with Yale's target audience and reflects the company's commitment to innovation and technology. We're proud to have been an integral part of Yale's journey to establish itself as a leader in the material handling industry, and we look forward to continued collaboration in the future.

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