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How a 150-year long heritage can inspire young technicians.

Family business Nooteboom Trailers has been on the market since 1881. Offering solutions in the field of exceptional transport is what Nooteboom has been doing for years. Attention, reliability, groundbreaking, and valuable are Nooteboom's core values. Nooteboom is one of our first and most loyal customers, and we are more than proud of that! The amount of content we have created for this international company is unbelievably large. Are you curious about the process of this employer branding video campaign? Then read on quickly!

The question

The technology sector continues to grow, and finding the right technical personnel is very challenging due to the high demand. This was also the case with Nooteboom, at the time they approached us, a large number of vacancies were open. How will you ensure that your company stands out from all other companies in the manufacturing industry? Nooteboom came to us with this question. The explicit goal of this employer branding video campaign was: ‘Producing a recruitment film that can be used in multiple ways and in separate elements so that it inspires potential employees to apply for a job at Nooteboom Trailers.’ We set to work as a Gobsmacked® team to pursue this objective.

The process

Who is the target group and how can we best reach and activate them?

The target group that Nooteboom mainly wanted to address with this campaign is millennials. What drives this generation? After a thorough investigation, we have come to a number of relevant conclusions. For millennials, the WHY is of great importance. More than ever they are looking for meaning in their work. Millennials also find it essential to be in a place where there are opportunities for growth. With these and other handles, we set to work to stimulate our creative brain.

This brought us to something that we, as an agency that has worked for many great brands in the manufacturing industry, run into more often.

Many brands we speak with have a rich history and have a beautiful story to tell. A story from the WHY, with which they inspire people and show on which foundation of values ​​the brand is built. Yet it is more the rule than the exception that these brands mainly communicate about the product and all those fantastic USPs and technical innovations. The result: little distinctive power. Yet it is explainable: the product, the technical innovations… that is what the company is built on and what has grown so big with. The people within the company are passionate about those things. That’s what has made it successful all along. Yet we try to impress upon these customers the power of a story. Communicating in an inspiring way the values ​​on which their brand is built. When people can identify with what you stand for, they are more willing to listen to everything else afterward.

Nooteboom is pre-eminently a brand with a wonderful story. Founded in 1881(!) as a forge, survived two world wars, still run by a relative who is also the company’s first female CEO, and a viral video of a wing carrier that was even picked up by CNN. In short: many incredibly powerful ingredients to show people and therefore potential employees that they can be part of something special. Yet little has been done in this area. Perhaps there was no need since Nooteboom has been a strong brand for a long time, with not only customers but also real fans who visited the open days at the factory in large numbers and gave their children scale models of trailers as gifts. When devising the campaign, we came up with the following structure:

  • A storytelling film about Nooteboom with the theme “Family is everything”
  • The film would have a ‘modular’ structure with a narrative/inspirational part that could also be used independently;
  • Short, impactful ‘on the job’ segments with Nooteboom employees as heroes of the day, which could be used as separate social media clips/stories
  • Some ‘talking head’ videos in which an employee elaborates on his/her experiences as part of the Nooteboom family.

All this content would also form the common thread on the ‘Work at Nooteboom’ website. In addition, we outline a ‘campaign flow’ to map out where and in what way traffic should be generated and where the conversion moment should take place:

We started brainstorming and we soon had the synopsis for the main film on the paper.

That is how we came up with the idea to make a video that gives a look behind the scenes of the life of a Nooteboom employee. This was a man, where family is number one. Not only his family is important, but also his colleagues because colleagues also belong to his Nooteboom family. After the entire pre-production phase was completed, in which we worked everything out from start to finish, we could start shooting the content.

In a period of 3 weeks, 4 film days were planned in which the entire campaign was shot. Luckily the weather didn’t disappoint us and we had a lot of sun on the day of the impressive transport scene, which had to be filmed outside. Mark Wijsman, the actor who played the main character in the video, also noticed this, as he became redder and redder… and there was not a bottle of sunscreen insight. Mark has now forgiven us 😉

After 4 intensive and exciting filming days, all the content we needed was on it. It’s a wrap!

''A brand like Nooteboom has a story to tell that many organizations envy."

Jeffrey Sistermans - Creative Director Gobsmacked®

The result is impressive.. A beautiful set of video deliverables, and video stills all in multiple aspect ratios so that they can be used on any platform:
  • The storytelling film, also the recruitment video are provided in English and Dutch. This video has a modular structure so that different cuts can be made from it.
  • Short job vacancy videos. The job vacancy videos are shorter videos about certain positions. It briefly shows what a person does who works in this position.
  • Some interviews with employees. The interviews were filmed and are used on the site, under certain functions, to give a better idea of ​​the function.

Ultimately, the work at the Nooteboom website are almost entirely furnished with our content. Curious? Visit

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